Downtown Champaign Theaters: Past and Present

A 1-hour walking tour of Downtown Champaign's historic theaters by foot

This tour will give special focus to Downtown Champaign theaters, past and present. Who built the Virginia? Was the Art always an art theater? Where did all the opera houses go? We'll answer these questions and more!

This tour:

Downtown Champaign Theaters: Past and Present
1 hour - From the One Main Plaza, around downtown Champaign, and back.


  • The main focus of this tour is Downtown Champaign's historic theaters, past and present.
  • We'll stop by The Art, The Orpheum, The Virginia, and a few other theaters you might not know about.
  • We will be outside for most of the tour, but will get an extended look inside one select theater.
  • As time allows, we'll also give you a sneak peek of some Champaign history that is typically reserved for our "Walk Through Champaign" tour.
  • The walk is roughly 1 mile by foot, with plenty of stops along the way.
  • This tour will not be cancelled due to weather, barring lightning or other safety concerns. Your guide will be ready rain-or-shine, so please dress appropriately.

Booking & Check-In:

  • Booking for this tour is mandatory. Children 10 and under are free, limited to 2 children per ticketed adult.
  • Our tour begins promptly, so please arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in.
  • Make sure your guide is marked with the Discover CU logo!

If there are no scheduled tours below, or no times that work for your group, feel free to contact us to set up a private tour.